Solar Fairy Lights

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Garden Fairy Lighting

Solar lighting has advanced quickly in the last few years with improvements in performance giving great lighting powered by nothing more than natural sunlight.

The two main factors that govern the performance of solar lights are the solar panels ability to capture sunlight effectively, and the quality of the batteries that then store the energy for use after dark.

How Solar Lighting Works

All solar lighting uses basically the same Read more

Retrofitting Is Expensive – Demolition Is Cheaper And Easier


The problems of retrofitting such buildings are many, and they are complex.

These types of home will have solid walls built from very simple foundations – often two or three bricks laid at right angles to the line of the wall – not to mention internal walls built from broken bricks and external spaces not suited for staples of modern living.




Demolition range includes; Factories, Warehouses, Offices, Shops, Garages, Farm Buildings, Outbuildings, Water Towers, Silos, Schools, Hospitals, Explosive Demolition, Soft Strip, Partial / Hand Demolition, Sensitive Town Centre Demolition.

Is permission required for demolition?


Not all demolition work requires a demolition notice to be submitted to local authority building control.  A demolition notice does not need to be served for the following:
1. Demolition of the internal part of a building, where the building is occupied and it is intended that it should continue to be occupied.
2. The external volume of the building to be demolished is less than 50 cubic metres.
3. The building is a greenhouse, shed, conservatory or prefabricated garage.
4. The building is an agricultural building, as defined in section 26 of the General Rate Act 1967, unless it is attached to a building that is itself not an agricultural building.



You will not normally need to apply for planning permission to knock down your house, a part of it (e.g. a chimney) or any of its outbuildings.

However, where demolition of any kind of residential property is proposed, the Council may wish to agree the details of how you intend to carry out the demolition and how you propose to restore the site afterwards. Most demolition is carried out using either crawler excavators or high reach excavators depending on the size of the structure to be demolished.

You will need to apply for a formal decision on whether the council wishes to approve these details before you start clearance. This is what is called a “prior approval application”

If you want to demolish a building, or part of it, in a conservation area and the volume to be demolished is 115 m³ or greater you will need conservation area consent.


Real Warm Winter Boots Will Save Your Feet This Winter

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The Need For A Good Pair Of Winter Boots

The reason for a good pair of winter boots is because your feet are farther from your heart than any other part of your body. So when it’s cold out, it’s very hard for your body to keep them comfortably warm.
winter boots

Winter boots will help reduce exposure to low temperatures, even a healthy person’s feet and hands will Read more

Home CCTV systems

Home CCTV systems

CCTV has been a common fixture in shops, pubs, car parks and other public places for years. Now, thanks to easier installation and falling prices, it’s becoming an increasingly popular choice for security-conscious homeowners.

High-street electronics specialist Maplin says that between 2007 and 2008, its sales of home CCTV equipment jumped by 70% in some of the UK’s biggest Read more